Ruined by corrupt freemasonry police


An aggressive policeman, Andrew Culley, gave me, Barry Hunt, a HORT1 traffic violation ticket with no offence written on it, and verbally accused me of exceeding a non existent 10 mile an hour speed limit on Preston Road Weymouth in May 1994.


There were no markings or signs on the road at all, it was clear that Culley knew this and was operating on that ploy to give out tickets. I immediately photographed the road.


I received a summons and my solicitor, Tony Miles of Bobbets Macken, decided in view of the overwhelming evidence against PC Culley to write to the prosecution to ask if they wanted to proceed with the action. A pre-court hearing was arranged for the 7th September.


Mr E Bament solicitor from Howe and Shorter turned up to defend me instead, without my consent or knowledge. (It turned out PC CulleyÕs wife worked at Howe and ShorterÕs as a solicitorÕs clerk). At the hearing I was bullied by the court to pay the fine and I refused. I instructed Bobbets Macken to retain a Barrister and met Barrister Livsey from Bristol.


The case was then held up for months and I was severely harassed by the police. On 23rd January 1995 Mr Livsey turned up at the court without any of my evidence and my witness had not been summonsed. I had the case adjourned.


On the 3rd May 1995 Livsey again turned up without my evidence and the prosecution produced evidence and photographs which were clearly a fraud and had been tampered with on a computer. (Experts on photos have agreed).  It seems clear my Barrister, Livesey, was working for the other side, and wasting my case, a common occurrence nowadays.


The way the action unfolded against me clearly showed a conspiracy to pervert the course of justice. I investigated those involved, and found they are all freemasons on the Masonic register; PC Culley is a Master mason, 8025 Trinity Weymouth.


The senior magistrate on the bench, Kenneth Henry Barnes, was Grand Master Dorset Freemasons, Vindelis 7873 Portland, and also Chairman of the Magistrates Committee. Dorset CourtÕs Chief Clerk, A T Draycott, the man who authors Stones Justices Manual, Tony Miles Solicitor, and Barrister Livsey refused to deny they were freemasons.


Magistrate Valerie Brinton was married to Dr Brinton a 33rd degree mason, member of Trinity  Weymouth. The Criminal Cases review Chairman Sir Frederick Crawford is a freemason and also associated with a Dorset Lodge. (Barry has the entries in the Masonic registers).


In court two other Police Officers turned up and claimed they were at the incident - Officers Oliphant and Palmer. It is easily seen that their statements are perjured and they clearly were not there, however the police refused copies of their work time sheets.


The court was clearly a set up, and the clerk Barrister Mrs Anne Arnold, married to a freemason in Amity Lodge Poole Dorset, left it to Clerk of the Court Brendan Owen.


He signed Mrs Arnolds name on the court transcript (in violation of R v Sood). When I told the authorities, Mrs Arnold left the Dorset Courts to become a Stipendiary Magistrate in Windsor.


I went through the complaints system, and Ian Bruce MP; instead of helping me he sent the Chief Constable a letter telling him to Òget me legally or otherwiseÓ (I have this letter) –


Later I tried Jim knight MP, just as bad, then the CPS, the  CCRC, the Ombudsman, several Home Secretaries, they all shut it down.


Websites (like VOMIT, Victims of Masonic Ill Treatment) published my case, I made complaints of criminality, and took out a private prosecution against Culley, other policemen, the Chief Constable and solicitors, so the Dorset Police issued a libel writ against me.


Yes, they used the civil laws of libel to stop legitimate criminal complaints and cover up police fraud, criminal conduct and perjury.


I got a new solicitor, Claire Kirby, and gave her my defence; she ignored it and put in a different one; I sacked her and represented myself.


The Libel case was an appalling sham presided over by Judge David Eady, who admitted being a freemason. He ordered the press out, and then I was stitched up. The pre-action Protocol for Defamation was not followed; Culley was funded in violation of sections 111 and 222 of the Local Governments Act 1972 and that funding is not written up the Dorset Audits. Culley went into police files to get informtion on me for his libel case.


The case is not written up in GatleyÕs because the courts know that the case is Ultra Vires.

Eady has now created a back door precedent which allows police officers, especially freemasonic ones, to have their own civil cases funded by tax payerÕs money.


The courts then made me bankrupt (2006), steamrollering it through. Appeal court Judge Simon Dennis Brown would not let me speak and said I was a wounded soul with an axe to grind; it was over in 15 minutes.


Now they have shut the system down on me, wonÕt answer my letters, and the freemasons made sure I never had a job again. Now I donÕt have the money to fight them any more, which was clearly the plan.


They ruined every aspect of my life and came down on me like a squad of fascist thugs. What you have here is just a part of it. All my claims I can prove with hard evidence and I will go anywhere at any time to prove it. This is clearly a conspiracy to pervert the course of justice and could not possibly be seen as anything else.


So say I, Barry Hunt, of St. DavidÕs Road, Rodwell, Weymouth, Dorset, DT4 9LP


Editors note: BarryÕ experiences are similar to those of George Farquhar, who exposed Masonic corruption and paedophilia in the Social Services, police and courts in Edinburgh. HeÕs now imprisoned in a psychiatric wing, forcibly injected with mind numbing drugs.


Note 2: Eight Dorset police burst into my house in 1992 at 2.30 am, first handcuffed me, then beat me up, stole her camera after my wife photographed them, and took me naked down to Bournemouth police station where I was locked in the cells for 36 hours. They had cocked up – it was a case of mistaken identity, and I sued them for false arrest and physical violence.


The Chief Constable was utterly corrupt, and did everything he could to (successfully) stop my case coming to the courts. My Solicitor, Eric Baehr of Dibbens Baehr, took me for £5,000 before I realised he must be working for the other side. I can agree with Barry Hunt that Dorset Freemasonry and Dorset Police are evil and utterly corrupt.