This crash: created by central banks


Since its inception the USA tried to avoid a private central bank. But bankers always had other ideas. In 1900 the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Warburgs, and JP Morgan intensified their efforts.


In 1907 JP Morgan put out a rumour a Heinze Bank Trust was going bust, causing a run on the banks (he later bought Heinze for pennies on the dollar and was heralded as a hero.) Relative Nelson Aldrick, a politician, used that to call for a central bank to "stabilise" the economy. On Jeckell Island the banks met in secret to draft the Federal Reserve Act. Woodrow Wilson signed it in 1913, and deeply regretted it later.


The Federal Reserve is a privately owned central bank; it loans all dollars to government at interest, so the government, instead of making interest on its own money, reducing the need for taxes, actually pays for its money.  The Fed, i.e. the private bankers, also control both the money supply, and interest rates. At 5% interest, every 20 years the bankers make 100% profit on all the currency in the system.


But they are infinitely more greedy than that. By massively expanding the money supply and creating huge loans, then contracting it and calling the loans in, they can create vast numbers of bankruptcies and buy banks and corporations for pennies on the dollar.  The really big boom-bust cycles have been deliberately created by the reserve banks.


Immediately it was founded, between 1914-19 the Federal Reserve doubled the money supply, causing a nation wide increase in lending. In 1920 it shrank the money supply and 5400 competitor banks went bust, or were bought by them for pennies on the dollar.


Commenting on the Fed, Congressman Lindberg said. "Financial panics are scientifically created"


Between 1921-29 the Fed Increased the money supply again. Loans were everywhere. They invented the margin loan, where you can buy stocks and shares for 10% down. In 1929 the banking families sold and exited the market, and  on October 24 1929 they began making margin calls, calling the loans in and forcing investors to sell their shares; creating the Wall Street crash which brought the rest of the world down too. 16,000 of their banking competitors went bust, and they bought them and corporations for pennies on the dollar. It was the greatest robbery in history at that time. But then the Fed reduced the money supply even further (by 30%),  causing starvation.


Congressman Mc Fadden was sufficiently horrified he began impeachment proceedings against the bankers who owned the Federal Reserve; he was poisoned at a banquet and the impeachment was abandoned.


The bankers wanted to get off the Gold Standard because it restricted the amount they could expand or collapse the money supply. So in 1933, on the pretext of getting out of depression, the banks persuaded the government to carry out a national Gold Seizure, on penalty of imprisonment for 10 years, robbing a poverty stricken people of their last asset.


Federal Income tax was created to cover the vast sums the government was paying the federal Reserve. Income tax is illegal under the US constitution, there is no law requiring you to pay it, and the few who know this and refuse to pay, avoid it.


Since 1913 the Federal Reserve has deliberately promoted war - it forces the government to borrow from the Fed on a vast scale. It has always been involved with the start of war, and funded both sides - the Kaiser, Trotsky, Hitler, and Soviet Russia against Vietnam.


To bring the US into WW1, the Lusitania was deliberately sent into waters controlled by Germany, against their warnings.  Roosevelt goaded Japan into Pearl harbour, and knew it was happening.


Prescott Bush, the President’s grandfather, was convicted, and his Union Banking Corporation confiscated, under the Trading with the Enemy Act on 20th October 1942 for financing Hitler into power between 1922 and 1936.


The Gulf of Tonkin incident was similarly manufactured: - the US Government said Vietnamese PT boats attacked US destroyers - it never happened, but it was the excuse for the Vietnam War. Rockefeller financed Soviet factories for the other side; the bankers made billions.


9/11 was the excuse to start the “war on terror:” invading Iraq who was innocent of involvement, and Afghanistan. George Bush's speech was identical, word for word, to Hitler's after he burnt down the Reichstag Parliament - homeland security, defense of the nation being the excuse to close down our freedoms.


Meanwhile mass media fills us with drivel to stop us thinking. The dumbing down now starts at school, and is throughout our nation – from TV reality shows to mindless music. (The lower estimate of the Rothschild’s fortune was $21 trillion in 2007, more than the entire USA’s GDP of $12 trillion. They are not dumb.)


For our current credit crunch collapse our governments were persuaded to deregulate the banks from 1997. Bankers then increased the money supply ten times more than 1914-19 and 20-29; and created derivatives at 13 times the size of the world's entire economy, making a vast funny money bubble, knowing it would all come crashing down without even the need to manually to decrease the money supply - that's now happening as a result automatically.


Nathan Rothschild said (1777-1836): "I care not what puppet  is placed on the throne of England to rule the Empire. The  man who controls Britain's money supply controls the  British Empire and I control the British money supply.


The reserve banks are again buying the smaller ones for pennies on the dollar. The government’s arms are being twisted to give these corrupt banks billions of our money to save them; in England we have already given them half the nation's entire GDP for 2008.


We now owe these corrupt bankers everything we have - they own us. No prison can hold them- they are too powerful; but they should be executed for fraud and crimes against humanity, and all their assets, personal and business, seized by a government that actually represents the voters, not the bankers.


And who owns the Bank of England? It appeared to be nationalized from the Rothschilds who owned it in 1946. but  it became a private company again in 1977, with its own subsidiary, the Bank of England Nominees Ltd, formed to conceal the ownership of its shares, with special dispensation:


Hansard, 21st April 1977: Mr. Clinton Davis  “The Secretary of State has granted one exemption under Section 27(9) of the Companies Act 1976 in favour of Bank of England Nominees Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Bank of England.  They will hold securities as nominee only on behalf of Heads of State and their immediate family…….” Which Head of State did they have in mind?


Could it be the same one who happily risked “hanging by the neck until dead” for treason (William Joyce did in 1946), by signing six treaties creating the EU dictatorship, abolishing her nation and monarchy? Could it be that being Queen is only a disinterestingly small part of her power, which is why she doesn’t mind abolishing it? And does she still share ownership of the Bank of England with the Rothschilds?


David Noakes.