How Freemasonry controls our government and courts


The press didn't even report that Britain was abolished by the Lisbon Treaty when it came into force on 1st January 2009.  How did it happen?


Freemasonry conceals its goals from its membership, but it exists to force through its own agenda against the wishes of the people. Freemasonry is the reason your vote doesnŐt make a difference.


There are 350,000 freemasons in Britain. If you get to the 33rd degree like Gordon Brown or Tony Blair, you are then in the running to be a cabinet minister, or a Bilderberger


Bilderbergers are a higher, international, more exclusive level of freemasonry, only 140 strong, and their agenda is to build the EU dictatorship. Every Prime Minister since Edward Heath has been a Bilderberger, and they have controlled the leadership of the Conservative party since the late 1960's.


By inviting as members about one third of the 20 people who control the Conservative Party centrally, they can ensure that every internal vote that counts goes their way, and control the whole party.


Edward Heath, Geoffrey Rippon, (both also recruited by the DVD -Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst Intelligence Department in 1958,) Alec Douglas Home, William Whitelaw, Reginald Maudling, Lord Carrington, Douglas Hurd, Keith Joseph and Cecil Parkinson were all Bilderbergers - top freemasons.


Instead of representing their voters, they voted the way the Bilderbergers directed, and ignored our wishes. In this way just 8 senior freemasons abolished a 3,500 year old nation in 40 years flat.


Bilderbergers control the Labour and Lib Dem parties in the same way. The UKIP and BNP parties are controlled simply by putting their leaders on the EU gravy train, which is why their members are never mobilised into anti-EU campaigns.


Freemasonry has four main levels; the Illuminati, just 13 families, the 140 Bilderbergers, 350,000 ordinary freemasons, and 40,00 Common Purpose "graduate leaders."  All four levels are instructed to vote together if they are members of a cabinet, local council, committee or any other body where there is a vote that affects their agenda.


The four levels have overlapping members to communicate the agenda and instructions.


The Rothschilds and the Queen are members of the top two levels; and our German Royal Family (real name Saxe-Coburg Gotha; Windsor is an adopted name) has always been head of freemasonry.


Nearly all British judges and Law Lords are Freemasons; so are most barristers, which is why miscarriages of justice are the norm in our now utterly corrupt British Courts.


Judges and Freemasonry barristers usually decide the outcome of a case to suit their own agenda beforehand. That agenda is often implementing the Frankfurt School subversion technique of "trauma through injustice," particularly in our now secret family courts, where they snatch 4,500 children annually from good parents for forced adoption. The Daily Mail covers a tiny number of those cases.


Our corrupt freemasonry Law Lords refuse to rule the EU wholly illegal under our British constitution, which it is.  They lead the pretence our written British constitution is unwritten, to render it worthless.


Current Conservative Bilderbergers include Francis Maude, the real leader and, like Ken Clarke, apparently a DVD agent too; David Cameron, William Hague, George Osborne. Lib Dems: Nick Clegg.  Labour: Ed Balls, David Millliband (DVD too), Peter Mandleson, John Sainsbury, Philip Gould; Tony Blair and Gordon Brown. These evil men are deliberately destroying us every day.


Newspapers are censored Ôfor legal reasonsŐ by freemasonry lawyers or Common Purpose members; and the BBC has 400 Common Purpose staff censoring out anti-EU news, which is why they didn't report that Westminster gave up the last 20% of its power in January 2009, and now only exists to help the press conceal what has happened, until the EU dictatorship has consolidated its power.


                                                         David Noakes.