The European Union has the constitution of a dictatorship, the laws of a police state

Door knocking in Southern Ireland it appeared 95% of the people were anti EU. I believe the EU lost that first referendum because the Irish Government only rigged it 20%. This second time I belive they realised their mistake and rigged it 40%.

They're going to ask Ireland to vote on Lisbon
and the EU dictatorship again: Say No again.

The EU has sabotaged Ireland just as England has been, the same 120,000 regulations, the same Frankfurt School subversion techniques. Freemasonry saboteurs are even more prevelant, Common Purpose less so. The Irish courts are utterly corrupt, the State snatches children for forced adoption in the same way. As in England, no anti-EU people are allowed into postitions of power. The country is run by EU collaborators who are busy destroying it with the same treason.

Ireland has two advantages over England: Ireland has a referendum, and it has been in a dictatorship before (under the British until 1922), and some remember how to fight it. Ireland needs another Michael Collins. But apathy is as bad in Ireland as in England; the EU controlled media demotivate and dumb down just as they do in England.

It's essential leaflets put out information bluntly, with brevity and honesty. Please feel free to use the ones below.

What can you do?

(Included in leaflet below)

1. Tell as many people you can the EU is a dictatorship. When people in Ireland think EU, they must automatically think dictatorship. That is your main mission.

2. Identify the EU collaborators, concentrate on those in government. Yellow is the colour of treason. Warn people who they are. If you meet them, tell them that as an EU collaborator they should resign.

3. Hand out leaflets. Every leaflet must include the phrases EU dictatorship, EU collaborators.

4. Help us to arrange meetings in your area.

5. Who do you know who is influential, who you can bring on board?

6. Find volunteers to implement these ideas. Form Collaborators Out! Or The resistance.

7. Vote No again in the second Lisbon referendum (when they ignore the results of the last one.) Run exit polls in case they rig the vote.

8. They will make you poor. Plant vegetables for your own survival. Longer term:

9. Mass demonstrations at the Dail until politicians resign, or strike out their illegal EU treaties.

10. A General strike against the EU dictatorship, and collaborating politicians, will succeed. Remember, there are only around 10,000 illegal collaborators, but 4 million of us.

Click on these three leaflets; they are all one page of A4:

Leaflet: Ten things you can do to stop the EU dictatorship

Leaflet: The Lisbon treaty in a third of a page, the EU's major damage in 2/3rds

Leaflet: How to cure the EU's recession in Ireland

Leaflet: Imprisoned by the EU for fishing in Northern Ireland

If you want to run a meeting, here are a couple of talks you could read out, and an invite to put through letterboxes:

Text of a talk: The iron grip of the EU

Text of a talk on the EU's recession

Leaflet: Inviting people to a meeting

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The EU dictatorship: Poverty under a brutal police state.

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