Obama to be murdered?


Many Americans dreaded Barack Obama being murdered before he became President.


The concern was the Bush/Cheney fronted New World Order (NWO) would use the ensuing riots as an excuse to clamp down on the nation militarily, use the concentration camps they have been building on home military bases, declare martial law, announce there will be no handover to a new President, and stay in power. They would attribute his murder to the KKK, or their usual suspects, Al Qaeda.


There was reason for concern. Dad Bush is the man who both personally directed the murder of John F Kennedy, and persuaded his business partner Osama bin Laden to set up the terrorist cells for 9/11.


He then almost certainly double crossed bin Laden by having the CIA kill him on 15th July 2001, as he left a Riyadh Hospital after his kidney dialysis treatment. That explains why, even though bin Laden should be easily found while dragging a kidney dialysis cart across the Afghan mountains, he has not been captured.


Grandfather Prescott Bush was tried and convicted on 20th October 1942 under the Trading with the Enemy Act  for financing Hitler into power between 1922 and 1936.  55 million people died as a result in WW2. BushÕs Union Banking Corporation was confiscated by the government, then mysteriously returned in 1951.


These Bush/Cheney crime families own two vast weapons corporations, the Carlyle Group and Haliburton.


GHW Bush was instrumental in persuading his biggest customer, Saddam Hussein, to invade Iran. A million Arabs died while Bush sold weapons to both sides (the Iran Contra affair).


Bush tricked Saddam Hussein into invading Kuwait: Brent Sowcroft, BushÕs National Security Advisor,  installed slant  drilling rigs into Kuwait to suck out oil under the border from IraqÕs Rumallah oilfield. His Ambassador April Glaspie then told Saddam it would be OK to invade to reassert his rights, and it would be Òan Arab matter,Ó none of AmericaÕs business.


Bush then double crossed Saddam by ignoring his offers to withdraw and invading, killing another 250,000 Arabs, and making far more money by supplying arms to the US government itself.


In this last Dubya Bush/B;air  war a million Muslims have died, and in the first year of the war the New York Times reported that Haliburton made $30 billion out of Iraq.


So the Bush family, and therefore the USA, is responsible for 2.1 million Muslim deaths. And yet, after all this deliberate provocation, Muslim terrorism is still tiny by comparison with that carried out by the government.


But all that is continuing under Obama unchanged.


Obama has appointed a government packed with even more NWO Bilderbergers, Trilateral Commission and Council of Foreign Relations people, the people who were behind Bush. These are also prominent Wall Street bankng people, the same people who engineered the financial crash by deregulating the financial market, repealing the Glass Steagall banking laws in 1999 which allowed High Street banks to become wheeler dealers with our money, and lose trillions, particularly with derivatives. Larry Summers, Alan Greenspan, Rubin, Geitner, Paul Volker, indeed all those responsible, are now on ObamaÕs team.


ObamaÕs broken every major election promise – from closing Guantanamo to repealing the Patriot Act, to allowing Extraordinary Rendition – the kidnapping innocents for torture; its all continuing just as it was.


No, they wonÕt murder Obama – heÕs their own tool to deceive the public about who really controls the USA. His job, like Gordon BrownÕs, is to collapse the economy and use terrorism and riots as the excuse to hand the nation over to the NWO as a police sate.


David Noakes.